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Sunbear Cafe Hobart


Sunbear opened on Collins Street in 2019 with an eagerness to create a space that welcomes and embraces the local community, that allows travellers to taste a slice of Tasmania and to host our guests in a cozy, calm and safe environment.
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We’re homemade

Our offering has always been about keeping it simple, celebrating the best produce we can get our hands on and making sure it’s something you’d like to come back for. We value producing as much in house as possible, from our pickles to Chai and butterscotch to sauces, pastry and ricotta.

Upon our counter you’ll always find an array of homemade treats, you’ll try things here for the first time as many treats are family recipes including our savoury scones, nut and jam baked croissants and sweet tarts, cookies and cakes. Yum!
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